Special Web Projects
The first three projects below received exposure among top bloggers:

Edward Burtynsky Forum
In 2005 the photographer Edward Burtynsky won a $100,000 TED prize and exhibited at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford. This site is a companion to that exhibition, and combines media-rich forum software, novel "zoomify" features for image presentation, and a slick user interface.

100 People Who Are Screwing Up America ? And Why?
A succint, simple, and incisive summary of Bernard Goldberg's bestseller 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.

The Plastic Perfect Album
How do you suss out the perfect album from a 400-post-long thread? Here is a checklist for the music lover looking to
expand her horizons.

Co-developed the first-ever Social Networking Service for virtual personas (sort of like myspace). The site's primary focus was on characters created in World of Warcraft.

Flash-based instant messanger. Connects through XML with custom-built Jabber-IM server. Allows clients to provide live text-based customer service. Requires Internet Explorer (click "Talk" to see UI).

Archaeography Photoblog
Archaeologists exploring creative themes with photography. Site comissioned through Stanford's MetaMeda Lab.

Re-Imagining the Wiki UI
Stanford's MetaMedia Lab asked for a creative re-
interpretation of the wiki interface. Many find that the current standard-bearer Wikipedia is cumbersome and too "techie."

Europe Flash Map Infoviz
Information Visualization (infoviz) of a 2005 Anti-Defamation League Survey on Europe. Flash map paints a striking picture of attitudes across Europe.


Non-Flash Sites

Princess Diana
Memorial site for Princess Diana created within a week of her passing (1997). Was featured in People Magazine.

Teva Sandals
Layout design for popular sandal-maker's e-commerce site.

Silicon Valley biotech firm needed a professional and content-rich site while maintaining a sense of pizzazz. This site is currently the top-designed site in its industry.

Society for French Historical Studies
How do you make a simple three-page brochure into a lively and enticing design? Zen-like layout and rich color coordination are key.

Hal Plotkin
Silicon Valley journalist wanted to integrate a blog with his existing writing portfolio, while presenting a professional and contemporary image.

Personal journal, or "weblog." Based on the Movabletype Content Management System (CMS). Features forums, a dynamic link system, and over 1300 posts.

On-line magazine for computer games. At one month, back in 1997, we received half a million hits. In addition we appeared in publications such as c|net and FamilyPC.

The Sciences Explorer
Finalist in 1997 ThinkQuest International Web Design Contest. This site teaches students about Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Math.

First place entry in San Diego-wide web design contest 1997. This site elaborates on the Power of Literacy through simple discussions and factoids.

Logo and website design for antiques e-tailer.

Kelman & Burditch Public Relations
Site for Los Angeles-based Public Relations Firm.

Real Estate Village
Front page layout for real estate agents' portal.

Logo and website design for air conditioning company.

Web site for hosting company.

Fan site for the popular PC game Diablo. This site was one of the most popular sites on Diablo out there at the time.

go2 Newsletter
Design for internal newsletter for wireless l-commerce start-up.

Design of our former corporation's home page.

Jadeite Mine
Front page design for precious metals mining corporation.

Diamantes Salon & Day Spa
Web site for San Diego salon. This site is featured in both English and Spanish.

Introduction to new "Virtual Classroom" project by the Poway Unified School District.

Newest Sites

MonarkW Shirt Designs
Front-end for Los Angeles shirt designer and illustrator. I colored in the designer's pencil and pen drawings, touched them up, and added effects to make them sizzle on the web.

Slashdot Re-design Contest
This entry was an early contender in the re-design of the popular technology forum Slashdot. You can view CmdrTaco's comments about this entry on his journal.

Top Flash-Animated Sites

go2 Flash Demo
Marketing promotional for wireless start-up. This was re-purposed by sales agents hundreds of times for individual pitches to clients such as Coca-Cola and Burger King. This demo also appeared on CBSMarketWatch and has been rated by top advertising firms.

1998 Winner of $84,000 Adobe Design Award. This has appeared in places such as CNN and MSNBC. This was my first flash, designed in Flash 2.0.

Employs innovative interactivity and powerful motion graphic design. Was completed in 10 days (weekends and weekdays). The client was more than satisfied and thoroughly impressed.

Lee Celano Photography
Website for Los Angeles-based photographer. The client wanted the ability to edit photos and rename captions without being an expert in Flash. I automated this process using XML and ActionScript.

Portfolio exposition for Bay Area artist. Includes some neat Flash ActionScript easter eggs and other creative methods of presentation.


Other Flash-Animated Sites

inBuilding Media
Flash-based kiosk demo to appear on 40'' plasma displays. These displays would then be placed in the lobby of commercial buildings to provide directory access to visitors.

go2 Burger King
Flash-based demo of the go2BK alliance. I cast four actors for the shoot and used a local photographer. go2 ultimately got the Burger King account.

go2 Tutorial
Educates users on how to access the go2 site from their cell phones. This was particularly interesting because there were twenty mobile devices that needed custom tutorials. Our solution was to use ActionScript to provide scalability and efficiency to the flash.

Lucy Nicholson Photography
Gaza Strip photo essay for Los Angeles-based photographer. In order to speed up the delivery of this site, I designed an XML and ActionScript backend.

inBuilding Systems 1
inBuilding Systems 2

Flash site for commercial ISP services. inBuilding has been a client for a long time and we've used flash to further enhance their image.

Redsnap Magazine
New magazine from New York sought creative flash introduction to promote their launch. The site's theme matches the magazine's emphasis on the "pursuit of passion."

Wedding Site
Presentation for couple's silver wedding. The link was placed in invitations to show guests a gallery of photos.

Site for network consulting group. They wanted a a high-end flash that effectively promoted the image of their company. This is designed in the style of Terminator, the movie.

go2 Flash Demo (update)
Another iteration of the popular go2 Flash Demo. This one incorporates new product features and an updated style.

go2 (3seed)
Introductory website for start-up in San Diego. At the time, go2's field of expertise was in developing a system similar to domain names for latitude and longitude.

PowerPhone UI (Dining)
PowerPhone UI (Transportation)

Flash-based user-interface for multimedia phone booths. These special booths appeared in airports such as Houston and LAX. A user would go up to the touch-screen LCD and press buttons to access yellow pages data.

Flash for on-line gambling site that promotes new versions of their games.

Block & Co., Inc.
Improved message and enhanced image for real estate services company.

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
Flash introduction for holiday shopping site.



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